An error similar to below appears when trying to add in an existing repository to a  SOBR in Veeam


Veeam will automatically create a backup of configuration files including job settings and database files.

This is handy if you need to re-install or migrate to a new server and want to clone your current setup without manually setting up again. As default this will save to your first selected repository. To the path and in the format below.

Best practise is to have this saved on a separate machine to your Veeam install in case of disaster. 

To fix the conflict follow these steps:

1) In Backup and Replication go to backup infrastructure then backup repositories

2) We want to create a new repository specifically for the config backup. This can be on the same Storage/Array/Disk/Partition as any current repository. Right click on the backup repositories option and select add new repository and follow the wizard to create the new repository for the config backup.

3) Next we need to point the config backup job to the newly created repository. This will be separate from all other backup jobs so you will need to go to the menu icon in the top left of B&R: 

Then select configuration backup and change the repository to the newly created one in the dropdown:

4) you can run a manual backup to test there are no issues. You should now be able to add in the SOBR to the original job without error.