Due to slow or unstable connect the following errors may appear in the backup

Failed to upload file "1635517356315/blocks/2022-04-22-18-00-00/0/000000_000258.bak", will retry after 480 seconds (# of retry: 5/10)
[2022/04/25 10:11:30] [hide] [-1525337563702] [ChunkedOutputStream.FlushData.execute] Will retry upload "1635517356315/blocks/2022-04-22-18-00-00/0/000000_00025a.bak", reason = com.ani.util.h: [FastPipedOutputStream.checkReadExptThrown] FastPipedOutputStream has been closed by the reading thread. Message='Failed to get OutputStream of file: 1635517356315/blocks/2022-04-22-18-00-00/0/000000_00025a.bak, ObsManager: Connection has been shutdown: Connection reset by peer: socket write error', lDestID = 0


The thresholds for the obm timing out after connecting attempts can be changed via this method

1. On the machine with obm installed browse to C:\Program Files\OBM\afc.opt

2. Look for the following entries and edit/increase as below:

3. Save the file

4. Try a manual backup to test.

Please be aware this is not a fix for unstable connection but rather allows the OBM to attempt connections for a longer period of time before stopping and maybe begin to transfer data successfully.