The backup job reports an error similar to the example below: 

[h] Unable to open server file list, "D:\1522853228283\Predefined@-1507301529971\index\index.b2b" is in use by another application.


This issue can be triggered when the index file is inaccessible. Sometimes this occurs when the previous job did not complete cleanly (the service is still locking the index file) or when antivirus has locked the file during a scan.


    1. Close down the OBM client completely and ensure it is not running in the task bar. 

    2. Open task manager and ensure the process BjW.exe is not running - If it is then end the process. 

    3. Go to services.msc and stop the service 'online backup manager services'.

    4. Delete the contents of the local temp folder - (in the example above this is D:\1522853228283\)

    5. Start the 'online backup manager services' service. 

Once the above steps are completed, you can then re-open the OBM client and manually start the job to confirm the issue is resolved.