Backup set and data needs to be moved to run on a new server.


Moving the OBM/Updating Backup Sets

1. Install  the OBM on the new server

2. If possible, copy these files from the old server  %UserProfile%\.obm and place in the same location on the new server, This step is not vital but will stop the prompting for the encryption key everytime you change ownsership of a backup set

3. On The new server, open the OBM and go to backup sets, turn on the schedule for the required set

4. You will be prompted to confirm you want to take ownership of the set - select yes

5. Repeat this for all required backup sets, in the backup sets page you should now notice the ownership has changed to current server



Preventing A Full Backup On First Run

You may wish to prevent a full backup from running once migrated to avoid the risk of gong over storage quota limits and keeping the initial backup as an incremental.

1. Add a drive on the new server (USB or mapped drive) with the same drive label as on the old server and create a dummy folder with the same name as the folder with the data on the new drive. Add the dummy drive to OBM sources

2. Add in the actual data location

2. It will look in the source, see it's empty then check all the other sources for the matching data.

This is the same for all sources. If the original source was E:\data and E:\files, you will need a dummy empty folder for both E:\data and files.

It also works for consolidating or splitting sources, e.g.:

• E:\data and E:\files now becomes F:\companydata

• E:\data now becomes F:\data and G:\users

As long as the OBM can see the old (empty) locations, and all of the new locations, it will find the data and update the directory.