Backup has been stuck from progressing any further and needs to be force stopped and restarted


1. Right click the OBM client icon in the taskbar and ensure no backup jobs are currently running.

2. Right click the OBM icon and click 'exit' and stop the OBM service (services.msc > Online Backup… service)

3. Browse to the folder: C:\Users\*username*\.obm\ipc\BackupSet\*backupset_ID*

4. Ensure a ‘running’ file is not present, if it is then delete it.

5. Create a file called ‘stop’ in this directory (This is just a blank file without an extension).

6. Restart the online backup service and then re-open the OBM client. 

7. Manually start the backup job to confirm the issue is now resolved.

On A Mac?

Add/remove the required files from this location: 


On Linux/Unix?

Add/Remove the files from this location: /root/.obm/log/ipc/BackupSet/backupset_ID