Backup report contains one of the following error messages

• Failed to initialize RemoteBDB.Cloud. Error=[BlockDBConfig.readConfig] unknown default path for creating new journal file config: 0, caused by [RuntimeException] [BlockDBConfig.readConfig] unknown default path for creating new journal file config: 0

• Unable to do Offsite backup, Error= [BlockDB.init] Error initializing bptree

• Failed to initialize RemoteBDB.Cloud. Error=Fail to remove corrupted index

• [BackupSetCmd.uploadBackupFiles][java.lang.RuntimeException]

• Error=[RuntimeException] [BackupFileIterator.Combined.hasNext]

• Throwable=[BackupFileIterator.Combined.hasNext]

• Throwable=[BackupFileIterator.hasNext]

• Throwable=[Bptree.KeyRangeIterator.hasNext] Error=[ABlock.parse] Cannot parse file

• [BackupFileIterator.toString] bfCachedNext=null bfLastReturn=null bClose=false

• [RowIterator.toString]

• ExcludeSameMaxKey=true ibptkeyCurrent=null ibptvalCurrent=null itr=[RowIterator.Disk.toString]

• [BackupFileIterator.Combined.toString] bfCurrentItr=[BackupFileIterator.toString] bfCachedNext=null bfLastReturn=null bClose=false com.ahsay.afc.db.bdb2.Bptree$KeyRangeIterator@e1562f9 tvn=null ff=null


There are several issues that can cause the need for a Data Integrity Check to be run, this will ensure data will be restorable as well as removing any corrupt files 


To perform a data integrity check:

1. Open the OBM client from the device where the backup is running from.


2. Click on the Utilities box.


3. Select the backup job you want to repair from the dropdown menu and select the backup destination from the dropdown menu (usually CBS or CBS-1).


4. Ensure the option for CRC is disabled


5. Press Start.

6. When the job completes it may warn of data corrupt items and ask for you to hit continue to remove them. It is fine to go ahead and do this.


7. Close the OBM software and stop the program in the system tray (bottom right of the screen).


8. Delete c:\users\username\temp (this is assuming the default location). 

The path can be viewed from within the affected backup set \ Show advanced settings \ Others \ Temporary Directory


9. Try the backup again.