This article will take you through the steps for initial setup of using our cloud connect platform.


1) An installation of Veeam Backup and Replication

2) A trial or paid Vitanium Cloud Connect account

Initial Setup

Once you have signed up for an account you will receive an e-mail from our sales team containing your cloud connect credentials. Please follow the below steps to add into your Veeam installation:

1) Open Veeam Backup And Replication and go to Backup Infrastructure. There will be a tab for service providers, once selected the option to add service provider will appear as below:

2) Fill in the Service Provider details as below

3) On the credentials page select add next to the drop down and enter the credentials from your e-mail

4) Press ok and apply. You will see a summary and confirmation of success 

Creating A Backup Copy Job

The recommended utilization of cloud connect is to create a backup job to the local repository, then create a copy job to our cloud connect repo. This will tie in nicely with 3-2-1 backup strategy explained here:


1) To create a backup copy job to our cloud connect repository, in Veeam Backup and Replication under the home tab and auxiliary jobs go to backup copy. You will then be asked to confirm name of job and copy mode, explained below:

2) Select the job for the backup copy

3) On the next screen select the cloud connect repository. You can also edit the retention policy from here. The options are explained in a separate article found here: 

4) On the next screen you can choose the data transfer mode, either direct or through a WAN accelerator. This must be deployed on the source as well as the target site. This will help with bandwidth savings. The target WAN should be pre populated with Service Provider's (Vitanium) Wan Accelerator  

5) you can then select a schedule for your Backup Copy Job as well as allowing data transfer during certain hours only. You will then be taken to the summary and completion screen