You are asked to update settings linked to the office 365 account whilst in the OBM and you receive an error similar to below on your backups:

Failed to login to Office 365, reason = [Graph

AuthHelper.getOAuthTokenByRefreshTokenAndAppCredentials]Failed to login to Office 365, reason = AADSTS50173: The provided grant has

expired due to it being revoked, a fresh auth token is needed. The user might have changed or reset their password. The grant was issu

ed on '2021-05-25T08:56:56.7343677Z' and the TokensValidFrom date (before which tokens are not valid) for this user is '2021-09-14T14:1

9:52.0000000Z'.rnTrace ID: 20ecb750-e863-49b8-b8ff-dc8e384dad00rnCorrelation ID: fdc64290-6572-48ec-98f0-29e2cc43c2f3rnTimestamp: 2021-

10-12 04:00:19Zn


This can be caused by the O365 account password being changed and not being updated within the backup set.


To resolve please follow the below steps.

1) Login to the OBM or web portal

2) Go to the backup sets tab 

3) Click on the desired Office 365 backup

4) On the general tab at the bottom click on change settings.  Using Modern Authentication, leave the Username and Account password blank and click Test. Click I understand the limitation and confirm to proceed.

5) Click Authorize to start Authentication process.

6) A new tab will open at the Microsoft login page. Input your user credentials for the users with the administrative credentials and carry out the 2FA steps if required.  

7)Copy the authorization code that is displayed and paste it into the backup set configuration pop-up window.