Office 365 cloud to cloud job  is receiving any of the below errors:

    • GraphService has not logged in yet

    •  Skip backing up E-mail Account "", Reason = "[Path: Office 365/Users/, Fault

       Mailbox does not exist / user has no Exchange Online license / logged in user does not have                   

       ApplicationImpersonation permission

    • java.lang.Exception: Failed to resolve backup source shortcut paths. Error=[ExchangeOnlineManager.

       CloudCache.listDirectFromCloud]Failed to list sFolderID=null; sPath=Office 365/Users com.ahsay.afc.$4.a(Unknown Source)


 •   Office 365/Public Folders" does not exist or current user does not have permission to access the path


This will occur when the office 365 account used to run the backup has insufficient permissions and roles assigned.


To resolve please ensure the account has is assigned to the following security groups/Roles in office 365:

    • Discovery Management 

    • Public Folder Management

    • Application Impersonation & Mail Search

    • Legal Hold

    • Mailbox Import Export

    • Mailbox Search

    • Public Folders

    • SharePoint Global Admin