This article documents how to seed a Backup Copy Job for use with a Veeam\Vitanium Cloud Repository.


Backup Copy Mode impact on seeding

Starting with Veeam Backup & Replication v10, there are now two different backup copy modes:

Immediate copy

Periodic copy

Note: The mode used to create the seed must match the mode used by the final copy job. It is not possible to use the seed of one mode of Backup Copy job for the other mode.

The steps differ slightly from regular (Non-Cloud Connect) backup copy seeding. This KB details how to create a backup copy seed within the software with instructions specific to Cloud Connect. Please contact your provider for their preferred method of receiving seed data. The provider may have their own process for you to use.

You must perform these steps first.

1. Create a new Backup Copy job. This job will initially be used to generate the seed, but after seeding is complete, this job will map to the seed. Add servers to this job that need to be seeded. This new Backup Copy job must not target the same Repository as the existing Backup job is targeting.

The Backup Copy job will have the stipulations listed below.

a. There should not be any spaces or unsupported by SOBR special symbols in the Backup Copy Job name. (any spaces needed can be substituted with an underscore "_")

b. If the SOBR is using per-VM, then the repository the seed Backup Copy Job is targeting should also use per-VM.

2. Run the Backup Copy job once to create a full backup file (VBK) and a metadata file (VBM) in the intermediate backup repository, usually your external USB drive. Once complete disable the backup job.

3. Perform a ‘Remove from configuration’ on the backup set that was just created under [Backups] > [Disk (Copy)]

4. Contact us to confirm the seed has been created so we can schedule an engineer to install the drive once it arrives with us.

Once we contact you to confirm the data has been migrated to the customers cloud repository, you must follow the instructions below:

1. Rescan the cloud repository. Backup files should then appear under [Backups] > [Cloud]  

Note: If the original backup copy files were encrypted, you will need to input the password for the backup copy set under [Backups] > [Encrypted] before moving forward.

2. Edit the original backup copy job to change the repository to the Cloud Repository.

3. Click ‘Map Backup’ and select the Backup Copy chain that is imported.

4. Enable the Backup Copy job, right-click the job, and select ‘Sync Now.’